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Online Adult Bible Weekly Quaterly Study

Online Adult weekly Quaterly Bible Study

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This study will only be available for a period of one week and be replaced by a study of the current week.   2014 Study Guide is out!!!! Buy it it online at At Zambia Adventist Pr...  More

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Adventist Review

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North American Division releases a congratulatory statement

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Students’ video message triggers discussion on minority rights, equality

The Bible Says


Faithful Dogs?

My dog is faithful. He is always glad to see me. He wags his tail and follows me around when I’m ...


Golden Rule

While in the Marine Corps, I spent some time in Africa conducting missions in support of Operatio...

Dear God


My Adversary

Dear God: I’m exhausted and feel like I’ve been fighting a war with one hand tied behind my back....



Dear God: Be there for every person who is discouraged. For those who feel like giving up and cal...

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Thank you for visiting us at Lusaka Conference!!!
This is the official internet presence of the Lusaka Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Zambia, in the Lusaka Conference territory.
We are committed to providing you with a Bible-based Christian experience as we prepare for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Use this site to know more about us, and our churches in the region of Lusaka Province of the Republic of Zambia.
The Lusaka Conference headquarters are in Lusaka, Zambia. The Conference oversees churches generally located in Lusaka. These churches are grouped into districts. We are blessed with 31 such districts. These account for a total of 260 churches, and 315 Companies (as at March 31, 2015)
All these serve a total membership of 141,930 souls.
Please feel free to visit any of our churches - we believe that you will be blessed and revived. God bless you!!!

Meet the Conference Officers

Name: Pastor Edwin Shimunzhila

Position: Conference President

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Cell Number: +260972719489

Landline: +260 211 258930 


Name: Pastor Goliath Naini

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Name: Elder Isaac Kaputo

Position: Chief Financial Officer


Cell Number: +260979318487



Meet our website Administrators/Developers

Name: Pastor Highten Hamweene

Position: Youth, Campus Ministries, & Communication Director

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